Kayla Banks

First Impressions

Kayla Banks has the kind of beautiful face and sexy body you expect to see on a corn fed Midwestern girl. Her skin is lightly tanned and her hair is a straight dirty blonde that whips around her face when a strong wind comes through. She looks like a total cutie, but the presence of a piercing in her chin and another in her tongue indicates that she’s not quite the innocent babe she appears to be. The naked pictures shown on the tour confirm that belief, as well as the notion that Kayla looks great in a bikini.

Hot Promises

The first thing Kayla mentions is that her member’s area has live webcam shows five days a week with chat. Then she says if you want to see her go all the way you should join up. That statement has all kinds of implications, but I’m guessing it doesn’t have anything to do with sex. Instead it probably means that Kayla is going to show off her pussy inside. She gives away a number of pictures and it’s clear to me that this babe is a beautiful specimen waiting to be enjoyed. I love her playfulness as well, which promises to spice up the member’s area.


After logging in I was taken to the homepage of the Movie Pass Network, which was a little confusing. It turns out that KaylaBanks is part of a much larger network of sites, most of which feature downloadable hardcore content. The top of the page has a dropdown menu that will take you to Kayla’s page if you get confused. There you’ll find that the design of the member’s area has suffered because of it’s inclusion in a large, template driven network. The way they’ve designed the video download buttons leaves everything looking overcrowded and mismatched when it comes to colors.

The videos page is the first one that comes up when you enter KaylaBanks; she doesn’t even have a welcome page to greet you. Once again it’s a little confusing being thrown straight into the fire. The first thing I noticed upon entering is that the site is clearly no longer updated, and hasn’t been for almost a year. The last video was added July 21, 2006 and it’s now July 2, 2007. The question then becomes has Kayla left us enough content to make joining her site worth the money.

There are 25 video scenes for you to download, each of which has been broken into four parts. Each part is available in a high, medium or low resolution. You can also download a full length clip of the entire thing in the same resolutions. The videos look really good and Kayla looks really good in them. The video ‘Dancing Dirty and Shower Time’ is a multi part fun fest that begins with Kayla dancing in a black and dark blue lingerie set and then jumping in the shower to clean off her sweaty body. Finally she steps out and blows dry her hair while the camera looks on from behind and appreciates her lovely tits.

Kayla is a fully nude model in her videos, which must be what she meant when she dared you to come watch her go all the way. Many of her videos end with her masturbating using her fingers, a vibrator, or a dildo that she happily stuffs inside her pussy. Despite all that hotness the videos I enjoyed most were the ones in which Kayla and her lovely blonde friend hooked up. There are three of these and in each the girls get naked with each other and make out, which to me is the hottest thing two girls can do. They also take some time to suck each other’s tits and occasionally finger each other.

There are 60 picture galleries at KaylaBanks, each with 40-150 images. The thumbnails are too small for these galleries, but the full size images are quite large and should keep most surfers happy. They load all the thumbnails on one page, which is why they’re so small, and that’s a slight pain in the butt. In some cases it’s hard to see what the larger image is going to look like. In the end you shouldn’t have much trouble discerning however.

One thing you’ll learn in the picture galleries is that Kayla looks amazing in a bikini. She has the perfect bikini body with a small waist, slightly flared hips, and a perfectly flat stomach. Also, her breasts are just the right size and perkiness to look great in a suit. That’s why my favorite galleries in the image section all feature Kayla posing in a bikini. There are also a number of galleries where Kayla turns on the silly and shows you that she really is just a teenage babe having some fun. She covers her tits and fills her mouth with whipped cream in one gallery and in another she makes a mess while brushing her teeth.

A top ten list of the galleries has been provided for you, although it’s hard to tell what the rankings are based on since there’s no system for voting. Still, the galleries in the top 10 are all smoking hot and a good place to start your journey as a first time member. It helps that Kayla herself is smoking hot of course. One thing I like a lot is that she changes her hair from gallery to gallery. Sometimes it’s perfect straight and other times she has it curled in a very sexy manner.

Kayla Cam, the webcam shows that they brag about so much on the free tour, has been dead for more than a year. The last show was on May 25, 2006, so it’s clear this beauty has been out of the adult business for quite some time. Unfortunately, they didn’t make video copies of previous webcam shows so that entire portion of the site is worthless to you and the boasts on the tour are bald faced lies.

If you’re annoyed at the absence of the webcam shows you can calm that anger by checking out the huge collection of bonus sites. There are more than 70 available to you, each of which features downloadable video and most of which have hardcore themes. There are a few lesbian sites in the mix as well, so you’re getting a little bit of everything as a member. There’s also another solo babe site, RikkiLace, that you can browse to get your fix of teen babes going it alone. In all honesty, this is one of the largest site networks I’ve ever seen.

Croco’s Opinion

At first glance it’s disappointing that KaylaBanks is no longer updated and the webcam shows they make such a big deal about on the tour are not a feature present at the site. At second glance things improve when you see the 60 hot picture galleries and 25 downloadable scenes filled with lesbian loving, pussy play, and a hot blonde babe posing. Kayla’s beauty lifts this site to the status of a recommendation, and that will continue forever. The bonus material merely makes it a must buy, especially if you dig all the sites they offer.


The design of the video download page makes it a little confusing to navigate, but other than that it’s a breeze making your way through the site.

Pricing Policy

$4.95 for a three day membership, $29.95 for a 30 day membership, and $59.97 for a 90 day membership.

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